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  1. Anna Rybak
    Discovering mathematical knowledge by students as the way to successful learning of mathematics
    Komplexer Mathematikunterricht Die Ideen von Tamás Varga in aktueller Sicht, Nov 6-8, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (conf. org.) ( , Gabriella Ambrus, Ödön Vancsó, Johann Sjuts, Éva Vásárhelyi Ed(s).), Mathematiklehren und - lernen in Ungarn vol. 2, (publ. by) WTM-Verlag, Münster, Deutschland, 2020, pp. 317-332, (Afiliacja: Centre for Creative Learning of Mathematics, University of Bialystok).
  2. K. Zajkowski
    On norms in some class of exponential type Orlicz spaces of random variables
    Positivity 24 (2020), no. 5, 1231-1240, (Published online: 23.12.2019).
  3. A. Kużelewski, E. Zieniuk
    OpenMP, multi-threaded libraries for numerical linear algebra and the FMM in an acceleration of numerical solving of the PIES
    Modelling and Simulation 2020 The European Simulation and Modelling Conference ESM2020, European Simulation Multiconference ESM2020, Touluse, France, 21-23.10.2020, The European Technology Institute (conf. org.) (Alexander Nketsa, Claude Baron, Clement Foucher Ed(s).), (publ. by) EUROSIS-ETI, 10 2020, pp. 21-26.
  4. M. Myronova, J. Patera, M. Szajewska
    Nested polyhedra and indices of orbits of Coxeter groups of non-crystallographic type
    Symmetry 12 (2020), no. 10, 1-18, (Published: 20 October 2020, article number 1737).
  5. B. Kwaśniewski, R. Meyer
    Noncommutative Cartan C*-subalgebras
    Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 373 (2020), no. 12, 8697-8724, (Published Online: September 29, 2020 ).
  6. A. Odzijewicz
    Perturbed (2n-1)-dimensional Kepler problem and the nilpotent adjoint orbits of U(n,n)
    SIGMA Symmetry Integrability Geom. Methods Appl. 16 (2020), 1-23, ((article number 087). Published online September 22, 2020).
  7. A. Golińska, W. Lesiński, K. Mnich, A. Polewko-Klim, W. Rudnicki, M. Siwek
    Sensitivity analysis based on the Random Forest machine learning algorithm identifies candidate genes for regulation of innate and adaptive immune response of chicken
    Poultry Science (2020), (on-line first).
  8. K. Zajkowski
    Bounds on tail probabilities for quadratic forms in dependent sub-gaussian random variables
    Statistics & Probability Letters 167 (2020), 1-7, (Available online 11 August 2020, Article 108898).
  9. R. Andruszkiewicz
    Surprise at Adjoining an Identity to an Algebra
    Vietnam Journal of Mathematics (2020), (on-line first, Published: 09 September 2020).
  10. A. Odzijewicz, E. Wawreniuk
    An integrable (classical and quantum) four-wave mixing Hamiltonian system
    J. Math. Phys. 61 (2020), no. 7, 1-18, ( Published Online: 01 July 2020, article no: 073503).
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