Welcome to the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Erasmus+ programme!

Coming to Bialystok to study mathematics or informatics with Erasmus+ is a great chance to develop your academic skills and boost your professional career, but also to meet new friends, learn a new language and immerse yourself in a new fascinating culture. The list of mathematics and informatics courses offered to international students is presented below. General information

Courses in English offered for Erasmus+ students

Winter semester

  1. Linear Algebra I PDF
  2. Algebra I PDF
  3. Mathematical Analysis I PDF
  4. Mathematical Analysis III PDF
  5. Affine and Projective Geometry PDF
  6. Introduction to Graph Theory PDF
  7. Elementary Mathematics: proseminar PDF
  8. Review of Application Software PDF
  9. Elementary Number Theory PDF
  10. Topology PDF
  11. Philosophical Problems of Mathematics PDF
  12. Analytical Mechanics (Graduate course) PDF
  13. Algebra and Number Theory (Graduate course) PDF
  14. Partial Differential Equations (Graduate course) PDF
  15. Elements of Cryptography and Coding Theory (Graduate course) PDF
  16. Mathematical Statistics (Graduate course) PDF
  17. Numerical Methods (Graduate course) PDF
  18. Probability Theory (Graduate course) PDF
  19. Introduction to Structural Programming PDF
  20. Databases PDF
  21. Advanced Programming PDF
  22. Algorithms and Data Structures PDF
  23. Probability Calculus I PDF
  24. Elements of Logic and Set Theory PDF

Summer semester

  1. Linear Algebra II PDF
  2. Algebra II PDF
  3. Mathematical Analysis II PDF
  4. Mathematical Analysis IV PDF
  5. Game Theory PDF
  6. Rudiments of Geometry PDF
  7. Combinatorics PDF
  8. Elements of the History of Modern Mathematics* PDF
  9. Elements of the History of Ancient Mathematics* PDF
  10. Mathematical Statistics PDF
  11. Computer Support for Mathematics PDF
  12. Ordinary Differential Equations PDF
  13. Numerical Methods PDF
  14. Methods of Mathematical Physics (Graduate course) PDF
  15. Stochastic Processes (Graduate course) PDF
  16. Mathematical Logic (Graduate course) PDF
  17. Difference and Differential Equations (Graduate course) PDF
  18. Game Theory (Graduate course) PDF
  19. MatLab Programming and Applications PDF
  20. Discrete Mathematics PDF
  21. Introduction to Object-oriented Programming PDF
  22. Internet Programming PDF
  23. Network Technologies PDF
  24. Probability Calculus II PDF
  25. Elements of Finance and Accounting (Graduate course) PDF

* To choose from: modern or ancient mathematics.

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